Oct 23, 2013 / 10 notes

My Dear Followers,

It’s a wonder that one has time to breathe. It seems as if just as nature and the seasons start to slow down, I start to get busier. College applications are around the corner, and Thanksgiving and Christmas are not far behind. I am glad though that I get to spend this time of year with yes, 494 of you. I mean really? You all are just the best!

Make sure to head over to lookbook.nu for more looks. There are always so many and I wish I could put up all the ones that I loved (that would be quite a lot). Checking them out is in your best interest, I guarantee it!

Yours Truly,


Also make sure to check out fashionwows.com in the near future. I wrote an article on the upcoming Jay Z and Barneys collaboration!

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